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Key Strengths

Source & Supply Products / Services in Egypt, Arab Countries & Worldwide

Powerful business platform enables Egyptian suppliers to display their business products and services to their potential buyers in Egypt, ARABS and global markets and allows genuine buyers to post their buying requests/auctions to select the best quotes / bidders for their offers and more ..

Join Top 10,000 Egyptian,Arabian and Global Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Exporters!

Join first emerging online Egyptian and Arabs marketplaces. Become the first supplier / buyer leader subscriber. Get the maximum privileges. Target more than 40 different Egyptian, Arabian and Global industries and trades and more ...

Let your Business Targets Particular Cities, Countries & Global Locations

It is safe and simple trade solution to target specific countries & cities suppliers and buyers , as an easy platform to target specific domestic or global trade locations :

  • Global Marketplaces
  • Arabian Countries Marketplaces
  • Domestic Egypt Markets
  • Domestic Cities Markets

Find any Product / Service for your business in just a click away

In just one click, find any ( Products / Business Services / Suppliers / Buy requests / Tenders ) for your business requirements immediately in domestic Egypt or all over the globe markets!

Get a Trust Verified Sign as a JUNIOR Member

Join Free, become authenticated supplier to increase buyers' confidence, it is mainly FREE for leader suppliers while there may be some token administrative charges in few cases due to: 1. On Site Verification Cost 2. Product Edit Services.
Benefits of Verified:

  • Onsite Verified Sign report
  • Edge over non-certified competitors online
  • Certified members attract genuine buyers & more business enquiries
  • Credibility through Verified Sign

Become a SPONSOR Member. Get All Our Platform Privileges

Why you should take this service right now?

  1. Become Our Platform Leader Supplier Member
  2. Unique Showcase as an Industry / Trade Leader
  3. Get Top Priority Premium Listing
  4. Exclusive access to Buy Leads/Tenders worth
  5. Prestigious Sliders, Videos and Logo Image
  6. Special exposure for sponsor member products
  7. Link to the original company website
  8. Premium Sponsor Supplier Sign
  9. Free Email Marketing
  10. Free Advertising Banners
  11. Product Posting Service
  12. Premium Customized Unique Website / URL
  13. Rank of Buyers to Find Your Products
  14. Free Trade Show Promotions
  15. Target More Domestic & Global Buyers
  16. Post Unlimited Ads/Sell Offers

A Responsive Website to all Devices Sizes!

360 degree visibility through all screens wide of mobiles, tablets and laptops to target all your business audiences..

Free Online Ads. Banners, Skyscrapers etc..

  • Maximize your brand awareness
  • Connect with your business professionals

Publish Tenders / Auctions Free & Set Alerts

Publish your Tenders / Auctions FREE and set categories to get latest Tenders ALERTS notifications to your mail inbox.

Join The Online Business Growth At Latest Years!

In the belief that the Internet would level the playing field. Join online B2B2C sales growth all over the world. At the latest years, buyers became more responding to the internet promotions & offers and gained online credibility.

Get Online Supplier Dynamic Mini-website

Promote your business in a huge online presence. Make use for new channels to promote your business in domestic and global markets
Benefits of Dynamic Mini- WebSite:

  • Comprehensive overview of your business
  • Buyers find your business details at the click of a button
  • Zoom Up Window for a detailed product view
  • Live showcase for your products/services enables buyers wholesale contacts.

Get Access to Buyers Requests and Contacts

Get easy access to domestic and global buy requests in Egypt, Arabs and Global markets as a Low cost business solution.
Benefits of Buy Leads:

  • Safe storage of purchased buy leads history
  • Use your customer Buyers information database
  • Maintain your own customer contact list

Business Showcase Catalog / Wholesale Contact

Benefits of Showcase Catalog:

  • List your products / services to your showcase
  • Product and potential buyers easy searching
  • Company profile and product image zoom-ups
  • Online URL easy business address

Get latest Business Offers Notifications

Suppliers & Buyers can get latest updates for latest Products,Services, buy requests and Tenders in their email inbox according to their relevant selected products categories and to their selected location preferences as well.

Upgrade to a SENIOR Premium Supplier

Why you should upgrade?

  1. Get a Higher Business Listing up to 100
  2. Get Full Access to Buy Leads / Tenders worth
  3. Special High Rank Products Exposure
  4. Company Mini-WebSite / New Online URL adress
  5. Business Showcase/ Catalog
  6. On Site Company Photos & Video
  7. Premium SENIOR Supplier Sign
  8. Private Client Service
  9. FREE Business Newsletters and Site Ads
  10. Trade Show Promotions

Connect Business Partners & Get Daily Responses

Contact your suppliers or buyers and create daily successful interaction with Egyptian, Arabian & Global business professionals, receive daily responses into your account inbox.

Effective Business Videos, PDF, Favorite Products!

360 degree visibility through effective PDF / Mobile Video / Company Video / Favorite Products feature.

Get Benefits of Sending Marketing Newsletters by Category / Country

Make use of premium newsletters campaigns to target your wide audience clients. Target your audiences effectively by industry , by country and by category ..

Not Satisfied ? Money-back guarantee !

When you are not satisfied with getting any of our above mentioned premium membership privileges, kindly post a complaint via Contact Us page, our Admins will check, we ensures serious money-back !.

Upgrade to some membership plan in convenience with your business requirements:

Verified JUNIOR Membership is FREE while there be some token US$200 administrative charges in few cases due to:
1. On Site Verification Cost.                 2. Product Edit & Listing Services.

Supplier Member

$00  /month

$00 /year

Join NOW

Supplier Member

$125 /month
Request For Best Quote ??

$ 1500 /year
Request For Best Quote ??


Supplier Member

$275 /month

$ 3000 /year


Verification Process

Step 1:
  Check with the local government to verify your company   is legally registerd and is currently operational

Step 2:
   Check if your designated contact person is an emplyee and    is authorized to represent your company on

Feel free to tell us your requirements to get the best of our membership offers:

Contact EgyptMART Admin via below form, your message will be replied shortly            Learn about membership plans >>

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