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Sell / Buy on Location Preference Basis
Sell / Buy on Domestic Marketplaces
Sell / Buy on Global Marketplaces
Sell / Buy on Cities Marketplaces
Sell / Buy on Multi-language
Buyers Access Privileges
Access to buyers requests Contacts
Quote to Buying Requests
Exclusive Access to Buying Requests
Let Buyers Find Yours Products
Premium Company Website
Rank of Suppliers to Find your Products
Special Products Exposure
Post Ads/Sale Offers 1/1 50/1 Unlimited
Online Products Listings 100 Unlimited
Products Showcase Unlimited
Customize Website
Link to the Company Website
Gain Trust for More Buyers
Onsite Authentication and Verification
Junior Verified Sign
Onsite Company Photo & Video
Premium Senior Supplier Sign
Premium Sponsor Supplier Sign
Powerful Business Tools
Post Buy Requirements for Business
My EgyptMART(Backend tool)
Private Client Service
Product Posting Service - Premium
Publish your Tenders / Auctions
Get latest Tenders / Auctions Alerts
Special Promotions
Trade Show Promotions
FREE e.mails Marketing
FREE Advertising Banners

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Verified JUNIOR Membership is FREE while there be some token US$200 administrative charges in few cases due to:
1. On Site Verification Cost.                 2. Product Edit & Listing Services.

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$ 1500 /year
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$275 /month

$ 3000 /year


Verification Process

Step 1:
   Check with the local government to verify your company    is legally registerd and is currently operational

Step 2:
  Check if your designated contact person is an employee and   is authorized to represent your company on

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